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                        STANDARD REQUESTS (If applicable, but not limited to)

  • The organization assumes the Pay a non-refundable deposit to secure the event speaker’s
  • Pay the full balance due of the total speaking fee/training on the day of presentation.  
  • Reimburse any remaining travel expenses.  (if applicable, for over 25 miles travel)Provide
    transportation Robert & Natalie from and to the airport. (if applicable)
  • Promote this event successfully throughout the church and the community (as necessary).
  • The organization agrees to provide everything necessary for a proper presentation,
            -1 or 2 microphones (hand-held, lapel, or headsets)
            -Proper lighting so that the audience can see well. (if applicable)
            -A safe, clean, non-smoking hotel room. (if applicable)
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its' agents. Fees associated will be presented after
inquiry has been submitted.
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