Christian Education
Marriage Connection
Join the monthly fellowships at Family Christian Center, at which we discuss life situations, passages from marital books, and
Scriptures to enhance our understanding of marriage.

Prep For Marriage
We also facilitate an eight week Class that is offered three times a year under the Equip Training Courses at Family Christian
Center. These fellowships and classes are also open to non-FCC members.

One Flesh Ministries Bible Institute

Prayer is a very important aspect of any ministry. Therefore, we have formed a prayer group that will pray for marriages.
During the gatherings, individuals may submit their anonymous prayer requests. We also have group prayer during the

Married Couple Events & Activities
Date Your Mate
This aspect of the ministry is established to give couples the opportunity to 'date your mate'.  Throughout the year we plan
group outings. In addition, we try to plan an annual dinner-dance and/or a get-away so couples can take time away from
everyday life to enjoy each other.

Speaking Request
The Founders, Robert & Natalie Watts have been in ministry for over a decade.  They have served and ministered in various
capacities of ministry organizations. They believe in sharing effective tools in a fun and creative way, that encompass
practical knowledge and Biblical principles. To request for Robert & Natalie Watts to speak at your next event,
click here.

"Love in Action" is the name of the drama ministry. The purpose of "Love in Action" is to minister in the form of drama to
give people a chance to "see" The Word while they "hear" The Word. We minister at other churches, organizations and events
upon request.  Dramatization may also be presented during one of the OFM gatherings or events. Please contact us if you
want us to minister through drama at your church or special event.

OFM distributes e-newsletters, books, and literature to enhance couples in their relationship with one another and with the
Lord.  Soon to come: ministry's newsletter, called
Watts Up?, informs couples of what has occurred at gatherings and lets
them know what is to come.

We invite couples to our home or visit with them for a more personal fellowship setting and allow opportunities for couples to
share their marital concerns. We understand the value of listening and advising according to God's Word. As a service to
other churches and organizations, we are available to facilitate and minister for special marriage events in the form of drama,
education or assisting the team with ideas.

An opportunity for men to fellowship through events, teleconferences, and gatherings to provide edification and ministry to
men as husbands, fathers, and leaders.   
Theology, Biblical Studies, Christian Counseling, and Ministry.  Also you can
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