Week 6:
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PREP FOR MARRIAGE Class is offered through Equip Education Department of
Family Christian Center, where the senior pastors are, Dr. Steve & Melody Munsey. This is a required class for engaged couples marrying at the FCC facility and/or having a
minister of FCC officiate offsite. This is also a great refresher course for married couples. (Non-FCC Members are welcomed.)

Elders Robert & Natalie Watts along with Elders Conell & Rhonda Hollins, engage in topics on marriage preparation using a creative curriculum designed from
various resources on marriage. Couples complete the eight-week class with a mission statement for their marriage and feeling
more informed about the marital institution.
"I recommend this class for not just
married couples but body and get into
your others.  Prep for married will
help you grow and become stronger
and closer to one another." ~ C.C.

This class was great! It was organized and very informative. I liked how it dealt with the
personality traits of each person. Because of that, I know more about myself, my
partner, and why we make a good fit for the tell others about this class. It's informative,
fun, and makes you feel like you have moved forward with your partner. One step
closer to becoming God's intended partnership!

I would recommend this class to others. If I had this class the first time I married, I
would (1)Still be married or (2)Not have done it.

Robert and Natalie Watts, are such blessings for young and old couples looking to be
married for the first time or even the second time.  God Bless you and this ministry.

This class caused you to look at your significant other with tear-glazed eyes so grateful
for the love you two have OR you’ll eliminate making a mistake.  Either ending holds a
place in the Bible as Paul speaks to being single and as God blesses Adam & Eve’s
unity, you are left with peace in your mind and heart.
May God continue to bless both Robert and Natalie you two were absolutely wonderful.
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Getting yourself prepared is an essential ingredient to success in your relationship. God's Word is the
Guardrail for our lives to keep us on the path of life and not destruction.
Prep For Marriage Class

Next Session
Each Sunday, 11:00am
July 9 - August 27, 2017

Family Christian Center
340 45th St.
Munster, IN
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