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onoring God Through Vows
HGTV {the Marriage Edition} Mission
To transform our homes / marriages with inspiration and instruction from HGTV. We want
to give vision and hope to married couples that our marriages can be a true home, a place
of refuge. These tools for married couples will help us treat our marriages like a garden by
sowing seeds that reap a harvest, by nurturing and cultivating the relationship, by watering
the relationship with love, and by giving the relationship light which is the Word of God.
We want to continue to refresh ourselves of the vows we made to God with our spouse and
before our witnesses concerning our marital relationship.  The purpose of HGTV {the marriage edition} is to
give couples a perspective that our marriages can be a Model Marriage. Whether it is a solid marriage, an
unstable marriage, or is somewhere in between we believe that with tools we can always rearrange and refresh,
remodel or rebuild and go from glory to glory in Christ Jesus.

You have Walked the “Red Carpet”  {The Blood of Christ}.  The Blood that paid the price for our salvation, for
our key to heaven...if we only accept this FREE gift.

Just as there is a Party in Heaven every time someone accepts the gift that
Jesus gave, we Party to Celebrate Marriage and hope that you have received
the gift of empowerment through this White Party. We Celebrate A Fresh
New Start after the Red Carpet has been walked, Hearts have been prepared,
and Marriage Vows have been renewed... “Heaven on Earth”!
Let’s remember to Honor God Through Vows in our marriages.
The White Party
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