2012 Marriage Connection Theme:
The Kingdom of Marriage Is Like....
March 2012
The Kitchen...

I.  Servanthood [What happens in a kitchen?]

A.        Cooking
1.  Sprinkle and stir different ingredients into your marriage.
2. Boil, fry, or bake special dishes (experiences) within your relationship.
3. Adjust spices (your personalities) for each other’s taste buds (preferences).
4. Create balanced meals (perspectives), that provide good nutrients for the body (marriage).
5. Remember cooking for your marriage takes time and preparation.  
6. Remember to serve different dishes (experiences). You can serve the same dish different ways. Or serve different dishes.

B.        Cleaning:
1. Mop (floor) why; things (in the relationship) can get sticky.
2. Wash dishes why; so things don’t get piled up.

C.         Connection:
1. Talk over meals or while preparing meals or cleaning up after meals.
2. It is a shared experience (give & take) for both husband & wife should take turns talking & listening. It provides growth
for both, when you can discipline yourself to behave contrary to your natural behavior. For example, the talkers should
discipline themselves to take the focus off them and encourage their spouse to open up as they invitingly listen. And the
listeners should discipline themselves to dig deeper, open up and become more transparent as they willingly talk.

II. Shared work [The kitchen is a place where there is shared work. Marriage is teamwork]

A.        Sometimes you cook (work) together
B.        Sometimes one cooks (portion 1) and one cleans (portion 2)
things along faster, for example: Taking dishes out of dishwasher, taking out groceries, putting groceries in fridge, dry
C.        Sometimes the kitchen (a marital responsibility) is one’s domain, but a little help from the other is helpful in moving
dishes, etc.

III. Sex starts in the kitchen: [The kitchen is the room most used because you get your nourishment for breakfast, lunch
and dinner and snacks in between. You cook, clean, and connect; therefore, your intimacy should start for breakfast,
lunch and dinner; all day long until its time for the Master Bedroom Experience.]

- add some spice to your life
- keep things cooking in your relationship
- make it hot
- don’t be like two frozen foods in the freezer        
- sometimes sex is like a the crock-pot and things have to simmer all day
- sometime sex is like a microwave; quick, fast and in a hurry
- blend the love to make an unique blended taste

A Sweet Treat  ~ "Sex is like chocolate, you never know what you gonna get."
-an indulgence, enjoyable, hit the spot, satisfying, treat, fun, exciting, a crave, makes you feel good, it’s special, calming,
relaxing, takes you to another place
-Some people have to be in the mood for it and some people are always in the mood for it
1:28 Fruitful- 1. yielding or producing fruit

from the fruit of our tree (marriage) eat of it and be blessed.
King Lorrell Davis

March 2012 Garden Growth Segment:
The Fruit of the Spirit and how it relates to Marriage (Galatians 5:22-23):

Love:  Willing to sacrifice despite how you feel.
Living or giving beyond yourself.

Joy:  Joy is something that comes from inside you and out onto others

Peace:  Coming on one accord and in agreement.  Although it may be
difficult, it is powerful.

Patience (Grace):  Acceptance. .Sometimes we don’t allow our spouse
room to grow…  Therefore, we should display the attitude: If it takes a
lifetime to get it right, despite, I am still here.

Kindness in Marriage is necessary.

Goodness:  Having a pure heart toward your spouse.

Faithfulness:  Should be of the heart. Dedication to your spouse having  
your spouse in mind.

Gentleness:  We shouldn't treat each other harshly but with
understanding and kindness.

Self-Control:  Not letting oneself become drawn into negativity.
Taking responsibility for self. Controlling the reaction of your emotions.