Honoring God Through Vows
Transform your home & marriage with inspiration and instruction from HGTV The Marriage Edition. We want married
couples to have the vision and hope that their marriage can be a true home, a place of refuge.  We want to give tools to
married couples to help them treat their marriage like a garden by: sowing seeds that reap a harvest by nurturing,
cultivating the relationship, watering the relationship with love, and giving the relationship light which is the Word of God.

The purpose of
HGTV The Marriage Edition is to give couples a perspective that your marriage can be a model
marriage. Whether you have a good marriage, a shaky marriage, or are somewhere in between we believe that with tools
you can always, rearrange and refresh, remodel, or rebuild and go from glory to glory in Christ Jesus.
We had a fantastic time
during the Marriage
Connection.  Our first
Matt & Beth Jakubczyk,
used the ministry of
D.A.N.C.E. (Design A
Nice Creative
to relay the
POINTS FROM THE DANCE MESSAGE-Presenters: Matt and Beth Jakubczyk
  • His lead is not about control. His lead makes you look good so you can make  him look good.
  • Marriage has to have a foundation of Christ.
  • Learn to dance together because it’s different than dancing alone.
  • It’s ok to dance closely together or with some space.
  • Husband is the head of the marriage, wife follows and supports
  • Wife is a crowning jewel for her husband
  • If the husband leads well, and the wife follows, they will look great! It's your choice.
  • Close leads and open leads-the ability to be 2 independent people but working together to create
    something beautiful, something people will want to look at and watch
  • Have the ability to read each other and anticipate what the other is going to do  
February 18, 2011 ~ Marriage Connection ~ HGTV Episode = Divine Design
See the points below from
their lesson and also
included are links for you
and your spouse to
practice the dances we
learned: Waltz and
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